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Dove Exfoliating Body Scrub With Kiwi Seeds And Cool Aloe Scent

Dove Exfoliating Body Scrub With Kiwi Seeds And Cool Aloe Scent
Say goodbye to dull skin. Dove creamy body scrub with kiwi seeds and aloe is like a nice smoothie for your body. It offers an exotic refreshment with a cool waterfall of kiwi seeds, refreshing aloe and citrus. When the product comes in contact with water, it releases a scent of white flowers, vanilla and sandalwood.

Fine exfoliating particles and Dove’s signature ¼ of moisturiser in these iconic body scrubs offer thorough exfoliation along with a nourishing effect. They leave your skin smooth, soft, and looking beautifully healthy.


  • Effective exfoliation.
  • Nourishing formula.
  • Light, whipped texture that goes on easily.
  • Amazing fragrance designed by top perfumers.


  • Hydrated silicon dioxide particles – remove dead and dry skin cells.
  • Nourishing base with ¼ moisturiser for velvety smooth skin.

How to apply:

Don’t use the scrub at the beginning of your shower. For best results, let your skin soak up the steam so that your pores open and easily absorb active nourishing ingredients. You should also make sure that you perform the massage in clockwise circular motions towards your heart. Massage your skin for several minutes – the longer you do it, the better.

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